Pastors Forum October 2017 – Dr. Kevin Harney

SNU Pastors Forum – October 2017 – Dr. Kevin Harney Shares His Passion for Organic Outreach

Pastors Forum Oct 2017 - Dr. Kevin Harney The fall SNU Pastors Forum, sponsored by the Resource Center for Pastoral Leadership at SNU, brought Dr. Kevin Harney, lead pastor of Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, California, to campus.  Dr. Harney’s passion for evangelism has resulted in the creation of Organic Outreach International, a ministry of Shoreline, and a growing movement across the nation to bring intentional evangelism to our churches.

Dr. Harney’s heart for reaching people with the message of Jesus shone through his teaching throughout the day. A record crowd of pastors gathered in the atrium of Bethany First Nazarene to hear him speak – while the largest ever number of participants via technology joined in from across the SNU Region – and beyond.  Pastors in locations from Alaska to Florida viewed the live-stream seminar, both individually and in small groups at host churches.

The inspirational and practical teaching by Dr. Harney was described by one pastor as “overwhelmingly inspiring.” Many responded that they felt challenged to action as never before.  Harney said, “we need an infusion of real evangelism and outreach in our churches today” and throughout the day pastors explored several foundational outreach practices designed to impact their personal life, church and communities. Concluding with a challenge to join the journey toward intentional evangelism, Harney shared practical steps to effectiveness in sharing the message of Jesus.

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